Specialist Intervention

A service providing a tailored diversionary program for young people who are at the early stages of entering the Criminal Justice System, creating a personalised package around an individual’s needs. This program reduces the risk taking behaviour and offending, increases an individuals confidence, value and self-esteem.


You Are Not Alone (YANA)

A specialist program designed to support young people who have suffered trauma, developing care pathways, reducing the impact of harm, risk taking behaviours and re-building resilience, self-worth and confidence.


Intensive Mentoring

Empowering young people to achieve more with their potential. Mentors meet clients weekly, support them to establish goals and support them with self development, confidence building and decision making.


Listening Service

listening serviceFor young people who are suffering with feelings they cannot manage or just a safe space to explore their experiences.


Relax Kids

relax kidsRelax Kids is a seven step programme teaching children to feel calm, focused and relaxed.


Parenting Support Group

parent support groupSupporting and empowering young people who are parents.


Appropriate Adult Support

Attending appointments with young people in an official capacity, such as Police or Court appointments.



Working in the communities to reduce isolation, improve cohesion and reduce incidents of violence.