Case Studies

These are a few examples of some of South Central Youth’s success stories. Now that the organisation has been working with clients for a number of years, the transition and development is clearly prominent. Names have been changed to protect the clients.


Jason was referred to South Central Youth via the Youth Offending Service, due to his history of robbery offences. He was also in unstable accommodation and his family lifestyle was very erratic, unsure about this future and was the subject of a Child Protection plan.

As part of his YOS intervention plan, it was recommended that he would benefit from mentoring support to help him explore what his future goals and aspirations are and what he needs to do to achieve them. He would also benefit from an older positive male role model, support to finish out his education in mainstream school and address his offending behaviour.

Part of the programme included one to one mentoring sessions and supporting him through his trial at Crown Court. As a result of this he managed to get through the programme albeit with punctuality issues but engaged very well. His lifestyle has also improved since moving in with this aunt and his CP case has stepped down to a Child in Need case as his risk levels have significantly reduced. Jason has now completed his exams and is awaiting his results but has managed to secure a college placement for September 2018.

To date he is still engaging YOS and rebuilding his life with the support of Lambeth Social Care.


Shannaiya was referred to SCY as she was identified as being high risk from exploitation, she was going missing from school and home and one of her parents was addicted to drugs. We were able to provide one-to-one mentoring support at her school, we developed a plan of support, goals and needs for her.  We worked alongside the school around detentions for lateness and found a drama club that she was interested to attend and our team were able to secure social services financial support to pay for this. 

We worked alongside social services to help the parent take her and pick her up from school every day.  Our intervention has really motivated Shannaiya and she is a lot happier in her life.  Without a female parent, Shannaiya found it particularly significant to have a female role model to confide in especially around many personal issues.  Her attendance is improving and she is feeling much safer and more confident.


Emma was referred to us as she had witnessed domestic violence at home and she was experiencing very low confidence and self esteem.  We were able to provide her with one-to-one support weekly discussing issues and family dynamics.  We developed a action plan alongside the school which included organising music lessons and attending our Safe Space Sessions.  

As a result of our support Emma feels much more supported and secure that she has a trusted adult to speak with about her fears and concerns.  Over the past few months she has been able to understand the strengths and weakness of her family and accepted herself within the circumstances enabling her to improve her family bond and unit.  As a result of this shift, she feels more confident and is engaging better in her studies.