"My mentor helped me get out of alot of trouble, i feel that SCY has kept me and my other peers off the streets. and this will be upsetting for it to close down i think if SCY closes lots of crime will start happening.  Iw ould be very grateful for it to stay up."

Kofi age 15

"South central youth club is a place where youths can come together and do something productive with there lives.  The media these days  are briging down children and stereotype them to be violent children, we are not like that, South Central Youth provides activities that many youths participate in.  South Central Youth workers provide advice to us youths and hlep us make better decisions in our lives"

Chantel age 16

"SCY have help me improved y vocal skills and helped me with school and school work and haved need help with.  They also helped me with things that i need to do in my spare time. They have have giving me adives for when people are getting on your nevers.  If they close culb downn i want ave no1 to go to to speak about any of my prombles.  And when i got exculed from school my mentor helped me though the situation"

Tara age 16